MACJR'S Pages for Tammy-Vicky

— Gold Birthday Rose —

For my Love, Tammy-Vicky

A Gold Birthday Rose for Tammy-Vicky

Here I am again, nearly ten years after the last time I worked on these pages, and again, I was too late to get as much done as I wanted before the big event day arrived.

In fact, I did not have time to convert all of the old Pages for Tammy-Vicky into new pages, so instead, I focused my efforts on making a new set of pages. The old pages are still online, but they have been moved to a new location. You will find a link to those old pages on the last of these new pages.

By the way, you may have noticed that these new Pages for Tammy-Vicky are not in the same old place online either. You now have your own subdomain location,, that is password protected. Now, at least, no one can just randomly stumble into our private pages and be able to read them. I am sure that a skilled, or determined, hacker can still get in here, but most people will be locked out of these pages now.

As I alluded to above, I did not have much time to update the web page design for these new pages, but I did have time to at least retouch a few of the old artworks that I had previously made for you, but had not posted here on your Pages for Tammy-Vicky. Although I did not have time to make new art, or write new poems for you, you were on my mind and I did make an effort to make something, or at least, rework a few things, for your birthday this year.

The Gold Birthday Rose, above, is a reworked, larger, 2016 version of that 2007 birthday gift to you, that I had originally posted on one of my message boards.

Oh, and although I did not have time to make anything that is entirely new for you, this time, there is a surprise gift for you after the last page. On the last page, of these new Pages for Tammy-Vicky, click next to find your surprise. I hope you like it.


Michael A. Crane, Jr.
January 08, 2016