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The “A Moment in Time Now Past” pages are designed to be compatible with older web browsers, however, they do look better in newer web browsers. Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee that these pages will work properly with your browser, especially if your browser is older than Internet Explorer 8. Several of the page style elements used on these pages do not work in older browsers, and some of the style elements that do work, do not work as intended in old browsers. These issues, to varying degrees, depending on which browser you are using (new, or old), limit how well these pages can look for you.

The “Progressing into the Future” pages are written in HTML5 and designed to work only with newer web browsers. However, since HTML5 is still in the development stages, there are known issues with these pages, even with some modern browsers, and thus, I cannot guarantee that these pages will work properly with your browser, no matter how new it is. In addition, these pages will only appear as a jumbled-up mess for people using older web browsers.

For Windows users, I currently recommend an up-to-date version of Firefox as the overall best web browser for viewing this website. Firefox works great with all of the web pages found here at

For Linux users, I recommend Chromium rather than Firefox.

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Opera is also a good web browser for viewing this site.

Internet Explorer does not display all of this site's styles correctly. Versions of Internet Explorer older than version 11 are even worse.

Google Chrome, the current version, has issues that make it less than ideal for viewing this site.

I no longer test my pages with the PC version of Safari. The last version of Safari, for the PC, that Apple released is getting old and does not work well with this website.

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